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Why Gopal Bhoot Classes Best for CA/CMA Foundation classes | CA Inter Cost classes

Gopal Bhoot is an alumnus of the prestigious Calcutta University. He did his graduation in the Commerce stream and came out with flying colours. His performance was outstanding when he was studying in St. Xaviers College. He cleared the Company Secretary (CS) exam in 2004 and earned an All India Rank (AIR) which entitled him to get a position in the merit list (Rank Holder) in intermediate. His hard work and dedication again enabled him to clear Chartered Accountancy (CA) in 2005, also where he managed to secure a decent position in the merit list (Rank Holder) in Foundation and Finals. Gopal Bhoot has a broad and enriching experience of teaching students of CA IPCC (PE 2/Intermediate). For the most part, he has functioned as a visiting faculty at ICAI. He is well-known to render top-notch CMA Foundation classes. His extensive knowledge regarding the subject matter, instances relating to real life, lucidity in explanations and personal attention to every student has enabled more than 19,000 students to turn into professionals. CA Gopal Bhoot –possesses a renowned coaching institute named Gopal Bhoot Classes which provides the best CA Inter Cost classes

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is, no doubt, a tough exam. Gopal Bhoot Classes brings the best out of students and makes them capable enough to crack this challenging exam by providing the best possible CA Inter Cost classes. Thousands of students have benefitted from Gopal Bhoot Classes. The coaching institute has yielded excellent results in the past several years. Teachers impart education to students which is of the highest quality. Years of experience and expertise enables the faculty at Gopal Bhoot Classes to make concepts clear and easy to grasp, for students. It provides the best CA Foundation all subjects classes as compared to other coaching centres in and around Kolkata.

Gopal Bhoot is deeply regarded by his students as an ideal teacher and trainer. He possesses some special qualities for which he is being considered as an ideal one. All the faculties at GopalBhoot Classes are immensely loved by their students.

The faculty at Gopal Bhoot Classes are quite passionate about teaching. They make use of such teaching strategies which grabs the attention of disinterested students and turns them into an attentive one. They impact students greatly and leave a lasting impression on their minds. They adore their students as their own children. They give equal importance to every student and teach them without any bias. They listen attentively to the needs of every student and strive to meet their requirements. They possess a magnetic personality which easily captures the attention of their students. Their teaching methodology entices every student. As a result, students look forward to attend classes at Gopal Bhoot Classes, especially the CA Inter Cost classes. Faculty at Gopal Bhoot Classes enforce proper discipline at the time of teaching, while also creating a positive environment of learning. They possess effective classroom management skills. They understand the psychology of their students, which in turn, aids them in managing their class more efficiently while also developing better learning habits among the students. They have a strong command over the subject matter and keep themselves updated with the most recent development in the fields of CA and CMA and augment their knowledge based upon the latest trends. Up-to-date knowledge helps them in clearing the doubts of their students as well as assists them in making the subjects fun and interesting for students to learn. They have great communication skills which fosters effective interaction with students, thereby reducing communication gap between teachers and students. Owing to all these qualities, they render the best CMA Foundation classes..

Faculty at Gopal Bhoot Classes impart education to students which is of the finest quality. They follow a 3-fold teaching methodology, that is, making the students understand the subjects completely, teaching them how to apply it in real life and instructing them to do periodical revisions of what is taught. Detailed instructions in videos is provided to students who opt for DTH, pendrive and google drive classes. Gopal Bhootclasses faculty take the help of real life examples to make students understand concepts. Their personal experiences are self-driven which assists them in providing clarity in explanations. They help students understand subjects conceptually. Their conceptual clarity enables them to provide outstanding CA Foundation Mathematics classes. They give apt real life examples while teaching, which are difficult to forget. They follow a lucid style of teaching which never makes their students feel tiresome. They encourage students to ask questions regarding the subject matter so that they can clear their doubts, if any. They make sure that the objectives they have in mind are met at the end of the lesson. They provide excellent CA Foundation classes.

Students opinion that the faculty at Gopal Bhoot Classes provide both theoretical and logical understanding. They further say that the course was well-planned and exhaustive. Students appreciate the effort of professors at the reputed coaching institute for completing the syllabus on time, as promised. They also thank the professors for providing them matchless CA Foundation Cost classes.

Gopal Bhoot Classes is one of the leading CA and CMA coaching institute, noted for its CA Inter Cost classes. It implements CAR technique for teaching students. CAR stands for Comprehend, Application and Revise. It provides chapterwisetest series and systematic books to students. The books contain the entire ICAI material, past exam question of 20 years and all mock test and revision test papers of ICAI. There are four ways in which Gopal Bhoot Classes faculty teach their students, namely, DTH, pendrive, google drive and live face to face class. Minute by minute instructions in videos are provided to those students who have opted for DTH, pendrive and google drive classes. Gopal Bhoot Classes teach usefulness of topic in real life as well as its significance in exams. It puts forth real life examples which students will remember for life. Separate minute by minute instructions are provided for math/ non math students as well as for CGPA A, CGPA B and CGPA C students. Books are delivered to students through courier at no extra cost. Discounts are given on enrolled courses for meritorious students, based on their class 12 results.

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CA/CMA Foundation classes | CA Inter Cost classes

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CA/CMA Foundation classes | CA Inter Cost classes

CA/CMA Foundation classes | CA Inter Cost classesCA/CMA Foundation classes | CA Inter Cost classes

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